Dental Implants Full Mouth: Price and Process

Dental implant full mouth cost

When you are lost teeth, getting full-mouth dental implants can help you smile again and prevent issues with speaking or chewing. Your oral health may be improved with implants. They are among the greatest solutions for replacing missing natural teeth. These particular implants are intended to replace all or the majority of your missing teeth as a result of injury or decay.

You will receive replacement teeth with these implants that seem as natural as possible. Implanted teeth are quite successful and can last a lifetime. Moreover, one of the finest solutions for lost natural teeth is the installation of dental implants. Dental implant full mouth cost: Can you afford to pay this payment? Learn more about the procedure and cost of full-mouth dental implants in this article.

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer solutions for tooth replacement. To replace a single tooth, you could choose a single dental implant. Whole-mouth dental implants, on the other hand, are designed to replace all or the majority of your teeth. When teeth need to be replaced so that you may speak, eat, and smile with confidence, these implants provide an alternative to dentures.

For the replacement of some or all lost teeth, various implant kinds are available, including All 4 implants and same-day full-mouth dental implants.

All on 4 Implants

All-on-Four implants provide a practical solution to replace missing teeth without requiring the placement of individual implants for each one. Instead, all of your mouth’s teeth are replaced with four implants. One day is all it takes to acquire a brand-new, beautiful smile! A free consultation with our dental expert before the start of the procedure. Find out more about the ground-breaking All-on-4 dental procedure.

All on 4 Implants

Same Day Full Mouth Implants

With same-day dental implants, there is no need to wait weeks or months to receive replacement teeth. With conventional implants, the healing process for your jawbone takes many months, during which time the implants fuse to it.

Other Options

Another choice for full-mouth dental implants is ClearChoice. Omega Dental Specialists, however, provides an economical and practical ClearChoice substitute. 

A brand-new advancement in dental and medical materials, zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is a metal that is as strong and biocompatible as titanium but has a hue that is similar to porcelain ceramic. Zirconium is now a more durable arch material with the added advantage of a grin that looks natural!

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Full Mouth of Dental Implants?

The total cost of a full-mouth dental implant operation can range from approximately $7,000 to $68,000. The average price of these implants is roughly $25,000. Remember that the price range for a top or bottom set of full-mouth dental implants can range from $3,500 to $30,000. Yet, there are a number of tooth implant cost variables that can impact your final bill.

  • All on 4: They can cost between $20,000 and $30,000 for acrylic or composite implants. Porcelain Total costs for all-on-four implants might range between $25,000 and $35,000.
  • Same-day full-mouth dental implants can range greatly in price, but the whole cost maybe $30,000 or more.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Full Mouth of Dental Implants?

What Is The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants in Marysville OH With or Without Insurance?

Unfortunately, not all insurance plans will pay for this operation because it is typically regarded as cosmetic. But, you might be reimbursed for procedures to fix your upper or lower jaw or dental arch so you can speak and eat normally once more. Verify your insurance coverage for the cost of full-mouth dental implants. Some schools’ expenditures may be covered by many dental insurance plans, although the maximum annual reimbursement is just about $1,500.

You may still have to pay for the remaining implants because this may just be enough to cover one. 50 percent of them are annually covered by some Delta Dental plans. A full one is additionally covered by some Cigna policies. Inquire with them for additional details.

Full-mouth dental implants in Marysville, Ohio may be less expensive overall if you have dental insurance. Several dental insurance companies are accepted by Dentist For Life. We can make sure you get the most money back possible to assist offset the cost of full-mouth dental implants if your dental insurance covers them. We have various solutions if you don’t have dental insurance.

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Why Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost So Much?

The price of whole-mouth dental implants depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  • How many implants your dentist has placed in patients
  • The material you select for dental implants
  • No matter if you require bone transplants
  • Whether you need to get your teeth pulled
  • The type and required quantity of imaging scans
  • Your choice of full-mouth dental implants

It’s important to understand that receiving whole-mouth dental implants is a challenging procedure that needs to be carried out carefully and correctly. Even while visiting a dental implant specialist with years of experience in these treatments may be more expensive, it helps to ensure that your implants are placed accurately, safely, and with the least amount of risk of issues.


We take pride in providing a wide range of dental services at Dentist For Life to help you feel more confident about your smile. The treatment of impacted canine teeth, oral pathology, facial trauma surgery, dental bone grafting, apicoectomy, and wisdom teeth are just a few of the dental and facial surgery procedures we offer.

For your convenience, we provide dental implants in three different configurations: single tooth, full mouth, and All-on-4. To find out if you might be a good candidate for this unique dental implant system, give us a call right away.

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